Are your passions collecting dust?

Are you on the 7am-7pm hamster wheel?

Do you ask for a double shot of espresso to power through your day yet only have enough energy at night for a frozen meal?

Do you only unwind on the last day of vacation?

I bet as a kid you dreamed of all those amazing things you’d do when you grew up. Fast forward 15 years later and you wonder what happened. Does this sound familiar? You might be overwhelmed or wonder if work/life balance is achievable.

Its rough. I’ve been there. I wrecked my body sitting behind a desk for 12 hours a day only to dream of an amazing vacations. The good news is I learned the time hack. There is a better way. I want to give you keys to unlocking your time.

Time is our most precious commodity. That’s why you don’t need 25 hours in a day. You need to take an hour back. Its time to take your time back.

Check out this download. 5 Tips to Gain an Extra Hour in Your Day.

About Lora

Courageous Path, LLC is a high performance coaching and training company. Lora Polowczuk, Chief Energy Officer, moves overwhelmed unfulfilled high achievers into vibrant, efficient, energized and engaged employees in work, life, and play. As a 3x burnout, Lora learned a better way and teaches the best hacks to live a meaningful, fulfilled, and impactful life.