Replenish Your Soul

Are you pouring from an empty cup?

It seems like everyday people are asking for our time, energy, and resources. Your spouse may want you to fix the house or go to the grocery store. Or, there’s another board meeting for the non-profit you sit on.

We naturally want to help out. We want to please people. We want to make sure others are taken care of. We want to do good in the world.

Yet, all of this comes at a price. When we always take care of everyone besides ourselves, we begin to lose our essence. We deplete our own energy. We put our passions aside. We even forget what brings us excitement.

The funny things is. We tend to think it’s selfish if we focus on our needs and wants. We even feel guilty if we do something for ourselves. In fact, others may call us self-centered if we take care of ourselves.

Think about. How often do we take the time to refill our own energy tanks. How does a car move without gas in the tank?  How can you pour your love and heart into someone or something if your own cup is empty?

So, how do you replenish? How do you fill your cup back up so that its overflowing instead of empty? Its not enough to take a vacation once a year. What will you begin TODAY to re-energize yourself on a daily basis? Self-care is a habit and a practice. I do this through outdoor activities. What’s yours?  

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Wishing you an energizing day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
© Courageous Path LLC

Are You Really Committed?

The New Year always brings a wave of new goals, dreams, aspirations and changes we want to make. But, the true kicker is – Are you really committed to making them happen? Can you really commit to 10 projects, 5 groups, 6 social engagements, kids, activities, a partner, a home, your pet, etc.? I bet you’re overwhelmed just reading that. So, let’s take a step back in order to take two steps forward.

Our aspirations rarely drop into our laps or are easily obtainable. We must take the necessary steps to reach our dreams. We can day dream all we want. However, if we are not willing to take steps each day to get there, all we have are dreams that are never reached. What can you really commit to? Once you’re committed on a daily basis, you develop the discipline to reach where you want to go.

Here’s an example of how this recently appeared in my life. In mid-December, I turned a very enjoyable day in the mountains into utter pain and headache. While hiking up a mountain carrying skis on my pack, I developed bad neck strain which turned into a debilitating headache. My shoulders and neck were not strong enough. It sucked and hurt! Instead of complaining or giving up, I was determined to figure out how to loosen the tightness and figure out where I wasn’t strong. I committed to daily joint exercises to open up the area and evaluated different gyms to change up my strength and conditioning routine. After 3 weeks of implementing these changes, I can now hike with a pack without a headache. What was the difference? I was committed to seeing what worked and what didn’t to improve my condition. Was it easy? No. Did it take time? Yes. Was the time invested worth being pain-free? Absolutely!

Here’s how you can apply this to your life:

When was a time that you went all in? What trade-offs did you make? What steps did you take to get there? How can you apply those steps to a current situation/activity?

When was a time that you fell short of a goal? What happened? What got in the way? What did you learn from this experience?

From this day forward, what commitments are you willing to make to reach your aspirations? Watch how the small daily commitments transform into larger aspirations over the long run.

Wishing you a pleasant, peaceful, and joyful day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
© Courageous Path LLC

How Do Your Choices Serve You?

Choices sign

How do your choices serve you?

As we begin 2017, we are plagued with the yearly questions – What are our resolutions? What are our goals? What do we want to change? I bet you’ve received countless emails about this! Inevitably, we often fail at these changes in just a few weeks or the first couple months of the year. We want the quick fix – How do I lose 20lbs in 30 days? Or, How do I make more money? When this doesn’t happen, we throw up our arms, say we tried, then give up for the remaining 10 months of the year. Which leads us to saying how much X year sucked and we’re ready to move on. And, then we repeat this year after year. Does this sound familiar?

The funny thing is – we often don’t ask the right questions. Instead, ask – What type of life do I want to have? Then, ask – how can I lead my life to get there? LEAD – is an important word here. LEAD is where you take ownership of your choices and decisions to get there. The ultimate person leading your life is you. No one else. It’s your choice what attitude you have. It’s your choice if you’re distracted. It’s your choice how you react to situations. For this year – will you take ownership of your choices?

In leading your life, will you acknowledge where you excel? And, where you slip up? Its about being honest with yourself. For example, if we want to lose 10lbs but think weight will just melt off us without the work, we are just kidding ourselves and setting yourself up for failure. Instead, think about what choices got me to the point where I want to change? What did I learn from this? How can I make better choices in 2017?

Here’s an exercise how to make better choices and create a theme for 2017:

Find a quiet place free from distractions

Sit comfortably

Close your eyes

Let go of any tension that you feel in your body.

Take 3 deep breaths so that your entire abdomen expands.

Then, ask yourself the following two questions, (pause between each question to allow your intuition to speak to you.)

  1. What 3 words define who I want to be in 2017? (examples include: bold, authentic, caring, loving, enthusiastic, etc.)
  2. What do I want my 2017 year end headline to read?

Next, put the 3 words you selected in a place you will see them everyday. (Perhaps, a sticky note on your mirror or in your phone as a daily reminder.) Let these words guide your choices for 2017. For every choice you make, identify on you use these words to honor yourself and those around you.

What courageous choices will you make this year?

Wishing you a prosperous, abundant, and joyful 2017!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
© Courageous Path LLC